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Laws and ethics simply can’t keep up with technology

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The Apple-FBI battles are a prelude of things to come. Laws and ethics simply can’t keep up with technology

by : Fellow, Arthur & Toni Rembe Rock Center for Corporate Governance at Stanford University

The observations and discussions around policy making and technology are very current and are becoming even more critical as the pace of technology accelerates.  Not directly addressed, but inferred is the “social contract” that includes privacy and safety.  These are complicated issues!

Ending with a quote from Thomas Jefferson that frames the discussion well:

Thomas Jefferson said in 1816, “Laws and institutions must go hand in hand with the progress of the human mind. As that becomes more developed, more enlightened, as new discoveries are made, new truths disclosed, and manners and opinions change with the change of circumstances, institutions must advance also, and keep pace with the times.” But how can our policy makers and institutions keep up with the advances when the originators of the technologies themselves can’t?

Impact of Social Media on Recent Elections

The dust has settled, the results are in and now we’re looking and some of the dynamics behind the scenes of the recent elections. Did the use of social media by candidates make a difference?

Some of this was captured well in an article by The Associated Press, listed on NPR.Com  titled:
In Social Media Election, The GOP Capitalizes

This year, most major candidates had a Facebook page. Election night results went directly to smart phones. And everything — the campaigns, the ads, the voting — was filtered through social media.

Not all campaigns were effective in their use of social media. Some just put out a Facebook page, never updated it and the biggest opportunity lost, didn’t interact with their fans. How can one mobilize a group for a cause or candidate if you don’t engage them???

Once engaged, will the people who won their election continue to use social media to engage the people they represent?  Now, there is the greatest benefit!

Citing: Social Media Changes Politics in the U.S.

Nine out of 10 videos watched during the 2008 presidential campaign that mentioned Obama and McCain were produced by citizens trying to influence each other. An explosion of political conversation is happening on these networks, and the last people to arrive at the party are the politicians themselves.

Interesting insights to what’s going on in the political arena and especially how the public has led the movement to political use of social media. Some of the claims and stats are really eye opening.

Go to: Social Media Changes Politics in the U.S., Sparks Revolutions Around the World

Enjoy and I look forward to your thoughts and comments

Politics & Social Media: Engaging People

We are in the midst of a charged political season with the high profile campaigns using anyway they can muster to get their messages out, engage volunteers to help their efforts and engage voters. Campaigns have effectively and ineffectively used social media to engage. I mean to use the next several posts on What’s To Come to explore these dynamics.

Effective uses:

  • Increase the number of “touch-points” with voters, donors and volunteers. Use frequent updates on Twitter, Facebook, and blogs in concert to increase the “Buzz” around your campaign. Encourage supporters and volunteers to re-tweet and share posts to their friends and followers.
  • Create a personal connection between the candidate and supporters. Candidates and campaigns who take the time to become part of the social networking community can realize the benefit of direct and personal connections with their supporters. This is much more personal than a mailer or commercial and creates solid, grass-roots support.
  • Get more mileage out of video. Debates, interviews and commercials and be captured and reused using YouTube or other video sites then spread through links on blogs, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Promote an event. Facebook and Twitter are perfect for creating and event and inviting others to attend. Great for parades, fundraisers, forums and yes,,,, Election Day!  A great way to engage in a positive and participatory fashion.

Over the next few days as we edge in on the August 3rd Primary elections, I will discuss some of the ineffective uses of social media in campaigns, elaborate further on things that do work and point to a number of articles that discuss these uses.

What campaign related social media hits are you receiving right now? How does it affect your opinion or level of activity?

Looking forward to your comments!

Trends For Political Advertising

BIGresearch did a “Simultaneous Media Survey” looking at the breakdown of how people with different political affiliations used media.

Top 3 New Media Usage (Regularly/Occasionally)
Republicans Democrats Libertarians Independents
Cell Phone 88.9% Cell Phone 88.4% Cell Phone 86.5% Cell Phone 86.4%
Video Gaming 42.9% IM Online 52.3% Video Gaming 57.1% IM Online 48.2%
IM Onlin 42.6% Video Gaming 47.0% IPOD/MP3 Player 56.6% Video Gaming 46.9%
Source: BIGresearch, March 2008

“According to the analysis, the top three used most among Democrats, Republicans and Independents include cell phones, video gaming and instant messaging.”

This research is cited in an article from The Center for Media Research entitled “New Media Offers Cost Effective Alternative to Political Media Budgets” Posted March 25th, 2008 by Jack Loechner.

Pay attention to where the money is spent in this election cycle and how the media consultants for the campaigns are using the data above to better reach their intended audience.


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