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Stats on Web-to-TV

An article from indicates:

The number of US broadband households accessing web-to-TV content will leap to 24 million – and generate $2.9 billion in revenue from streaming services by 2013

SeeĀ Web-to-TV Will Penetrate 24M Homes by 2013

This article ties with my last post The Future of Television

Trends For Political Advertising

BIGresearch did a “Simultaneous Media Survey” looking at the breakdown of how people with different political affiliations used media.

Top 3 New Media Usage (Regularly/Occasionally)
Republicans Democrats Libertarians Independents
Cell Phone 88.9% Cell Phone 88.4% Cell Phone 86.5% Cell Phone 86.4%
Video Gaming 42.9% IM Online 52.3% Video Gaming 57.1% IM Online 48.2%
IM Onlin 42.6% Video Gaming 47.0% IPOD/MP3 Player 56.6% Video Gaming 46.9%
Source: BIGresearch, March 2008

“According to the analysis, the top three used most among Democrats, Republicans and Independents include cell phones, video gaming and instant messaging.”

This research is cited in an article from The Center for Media Research entitled “New Media Offers Cost Effective Alternative to Political Media Budgets” Posted March 25th, 2008 by Jack Loechner.

Pay attention to where the money is spent in this election cycle and how the media consultants for the campaigns are using the data above to better reach their intended audience.


Who needs 800 HDTV Channels? I DO!

Check out Dustin Jacobsen’s blog Shake Gently – advertising technology blog. This is a blog I like to read often. Good thoughts, insights and is gaining a nice following.

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