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Receptivity of Mobile Ads

From Mobile Europe, Teens embrace mobile marketing in 2006 continues to point out the importance of relevancy and the potential for positive responses assuming a well designed and targeted ad.

“The power of mobile marketing has always been in its ability to target a distinct group of consumers, unlike spam or junk mail, which rely on sending out millions of messages in the hope that a tiny percentage respond. The report shows that the consumer is now receptive to receiving mobile advertising – as long as the messages sent out are well designed and carefully targeted.”

With the mobile carriers jump into realizing ad revenue through their mobile portals, they’ve generally taken the easy route with what is essentially broadcast advertising via banners. They’ve missed the point as stated above and what promises to be the real advantage of advertising over mobile and that is targeting.

Mobile Targeting Interview

Here is a link to an interesting interview with Tom Burgess, CEO of Third Screen Media found in BehavioralInsider. The article is titled “Mobile Targeting: Ready to Get Serious In 2007” by Phil Leggiere.

It’s a good discussion about the status of targeting over mobile and the use of location based services to tighten up the targeted audience. I think he’s being a little over optimistic about where the carriers are in terms of their psychological and technical readiness to start targeting over mobile. Right now, at best they are doing banner ads that aren’t targeted. This is not to say we won’t get there, but probably not in the next six months or later.

How do you feel about targeted ads over mobile devices?


Location Based Services – Quite a Value Proposition!

Location Based Services (LBS) over mobile devices create quite a value proposition for mobile carriers and marketers. Just think of the targeting possibilities knowing not only who you are trying to target, but where they are! This is truly trying to send the right message to the right person at the right time and in the right place! Contextuality!

In a ClickZ article by Laura Marriott, she talks about how this all might come together. A quote from the article:

The where is only one component for location services. Imagine if we also knew the who, knowing details about consumers at any time: their interests, availability, and personal information. Together, the who and where would be a valuable combination for any mobile marketer. It would enable true consumer targeting based on the consumer’s exact preferences at the time and place the consumer is ready to interact with your brand. Wow!

I say this is an interesting trend and technology to watch that promises value for both the marketer and consumer. The privacy issues, however may get a little sticky.


Mobile Innovations

Worth reading is an article from David Haskin of TechWeb titled “6 Mobile Innovations That Will Change Your Life

Marketing Model Shifts Challenges Agencies

I found the article Marketing Model Shifts Challenges Agencies and linked PDF to be interesting and worth a read.

Of note was the quote “ Consumers, reports the study, weaned on the power of the Internet and weary of intrusive media bombardment, expect that relevant product information will be available at their fingertips.”

And “Interview respondents have become “channel agnostic,”


A World without Channels

In earlier posts I wrote about the explosion of media choices the consumer has, translating into more control for the consumer over how they use their media. I also wrote about the potential provided by IPTV where fundamentally the delivery method has changed from all channels being delivered at the same time to more of an on-demand system with one video stream delivered at a time. Given this, I’ll make a few predictions regarding what our media will look like in the near future.

Television: No linear channels! All content and programs are on-demand. A new navigation system is in place to allow for easy search and selection of content. Surfing through programs is still possible, but the choices are in the millions not hundreds. Programs and ads are interactive, allowing the consumer to “hop-off” or open another panel to inquire or drill-down to more specific info or to make a purchase. Marketers will have a clear picture on what is being watched and can more wisely allocate their ad dollars to support a highly tuned audience. Marketers can target their audience to a household so that the ads are most relevant to the consumer. Marketers will “buy the consumer” “not the program”. The whole ad-buying game changes.

I’ll address some other media in future posts.


Worth Reading had a very interesting article entitled “Send In The Ads” that addressed the current climate surrounding advertising over mobile devices. This challenges the old subscription model used by the current mobile carriers. It paints an accurate picture of not only the promises of mobile advertising, but the realities of acceptance and deployment. We’re at the very front of this movement and should expect to see great movement in the near future. Keep your eyes peeled!


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