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What Do I get in Exchange?

Reacting to a blog on Mediapost called 2007 Mobile Advertisers Ask: Can You See Me Now? I think the author is right on when he talks about the contract between the advertiser and the advertisee. You see, in mobile, as in any ad medium it has to be worth it to take the ads. On television we tolerate, and yes, sometimes even enjoy ads, always knowing that they are paying part of the bill for the programming. Same deal on the Internet. We enjoy the vast amount of content and entertainment because of ads. So, on mobile phones, we pay and pay and pay the carrier for minutes, text messages (now 15 cents per on some carriers), data, mobile web, video, music, ringtones, picture mail and so on and so forth. Now ads are being introduced. If they are any more than banners then there needs to be a compelling value proposition back to the consumer. I’m not sure the carriers have crossed this bridge, but to realize the potential for mobile ads, they will have to!

Go read the blog on Mediapost and let me know your thoughts.


The Great Cell-Phone Advertising Threat

I got a chuckle when I read the article in ComputerWorld entitled The great cell-phone advertising threat: They’re coming, but there are smart and dumb ways to handle them
It’s by Craig J. Mathias, a principal with Farpoint Group. He captures what many are thinking in terms of their frustrations with ads everywhere. More importantly though, he ends it with the statement:

And this brings me to a possible long-term solution – targeted ads. We have the technology to send given users advertising that they want to see. This can be done by allowing a customer to go to a Web site and click on his particular advertising preferences. In the market for a new car? Then car ads should be welcome, and ditto for just about everything else. We also have the technology to support this mode of operation, combining opt-in with content specific to the individual. If the carriers are smart (and they’re not always), this is the route they’ll go when it comes to mobile ads. But the first time a carrier interrupts my train of thought on an important business call with an ad, my relationship with them will be history.

Check it out!


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