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Apple’s Ecosystem

Business Week has a nice, short look at the numbers behind Apple called Apple’s Ecosystem By The Numbers. 110 million is a lot of iPods!

Will Apple’s iPhone Redefine mobile phones?

I’m intrigued by the hype and frenzy around the iPhone by Apple. Want to see the features? Click Here to get the new guided tour through its features and interface. My first reaction is WOW! I want one. So if anyone from Apple out there wants to drop one to me for a hands on review, contact me a and I’ll provide shipping directions. (Shameless, I know!)

In an article in – Financial Times – entitled Apple takes risks in bid to shake up the mobile market, Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple is quoted as saying “Today,we are going to reinvent the phone.”

Is it a breakthrough device? What affects will the iPhone have on other surrounding technologies? Will it redefine the space like the iPod redefined the music industry? What’s so special about it?

I’ve never held one in my hands, but seeing the online tour and reading its features, it seems that the design is most elegant, which is the norm for products from Apple. The integration between the functions seems very intuitive and well thought out by its designers. I think they’ve managed to get past the awkwardness of the interface seen in most mobile devices. I think what’s so special about it is that they’ve moved beyond the limitations of the small screen and keypad. The visual point, click, drag, expand and navigate seems right on the mark for a world of “communicators” who rely so heavily on their mobile phones and iPods and who live in a world of social networking, MP3’s and text messaging.

Sure there is worry about the price, battery life, exclusivity with one carrier and so forth and so on, but that does not negate the advances in the integration and user interface. I think AT&T will see a huge flood of new subscribers, not driven by plans and free give-aways, but by the best device on the market.

Go get in line folks. Doors open on June 29th!

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