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More on the IPhone

I’m having trouble getting away from the iPhone. An article from Wired called
The IPhone Verdict Is In: It’s Finger-Clickin’ Good (what a terrible title!) and a blog by my buddy Dustin Jacobson, “Does iPhone increase Your Coolness Factor” seem to add to my impression of this device.

I personally enjoyed the short time I had to play with the iPhone. It is very elegant, very cool, very intuitive and I think will have a major impact on how mobile phones are designed in the future.

Stats, Stats, and More Stats

Prior to a talk I gave the other day, I dug around to update some of the statistics. Below are some that I saw:

  • 2 billion mobile subscribers world-wide
  • 235 million mobile subscribers in the U.S.
  • 450 million mobile subscribers in China
  • 10 billion text messages are sent per month
  • YouTube has 100 million downloads / day which equates to the data equivalent of 75 billion emails
  • The equivalent of 9,305 years have been watched on YouTube
  • MySpace has 61 million registered viewers
  • FaceBook has 24 million registered users and 85% of college students have a FaceBook account
  • FaceBook accounts for 1 percent of the overall Internet traffic
  • There are 120,000 new blogs started everyday
  • There are between 118 million and 124 million websites, growing by 4.4 million per month
  • 1.2 billion people around the world use the Internet. In the U.S. that relates to roughly 70% of the population.

NOTE: 43.7% of statistics are made up on the fly and this contains a margin of error of plus or minus 12%!!!

More on Surface

I just ran across an article on Microsoft’s Surface by Eric Picard on ClickZ entitled Advertising on the Surface. He spends some time talking about what advertising might look like in this environment.

Worth a quick read!

Kitten Wars?

My daughter turned me on to a very addicting site – People post pictures of their kittens and the site posts a pair of kittens and you click on the cutest one. Then it cycles to the next pairing. You can then look at the top cutest kittens by their scores and the bottom “ugliest” kittens as well. It is very addicting and kind of a light-hearted, fun way to waste your time.

Interesting part of this is the enticement to keep clicking. I’m sure the site is logging some very nice impression numbers. I did notice Google AdWords at the bottom. Chi-Ching! Nothing like creating a community of Kittens!

Who needs 800 HDTV Channels? I DO!

Check out Dustin Jacobsen’s blog Shake Gently – advertising technology blog. This is a blog I like to read often. Good thoughts, insights and is gaining a nice following.

Digital Interaction

One of the blogs I routinely read is In their latest post, they talk about digital interaction seen in Surface Computing and the iPhone. See their post on iPhones, Surface Computing – A New Way. Basically what they are talking about is the ability to interact with the computer screen/phone screen using your hands, gestures, and the ability for a Surface Computing table to recognize other devices and elements by putting them on the table. I’ve seen a few online demos of this technology over the last year or so, and it is really quite stunning.

I’m wondering how fast this will catch on as a norm in the computing arena. It seems that with the iPhone, with some of the same interactive features that one can experience with Surface Computing, the demand for this type of interface can only increase.

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