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Citing: "Broadband Legislation Could Boost Economy by $134 Billion Annually"

Last Mile Online had an article today worth considering and to an extent, consistent with my earlier posts on Broadband Policy in the U.S.

From my archives: Call for a National Broadband Policy

See this article: Broadband Legislation Could Boost Economy by $134 Billion Annually

New Social Networking Site

I don’t typically use this forum to promote things, but a client of mine has recently launched a very promising and well designed social networking site for people of the Catholic faith.

Go to to participate. It already features thousands of professionally created audio, video and literature entries. Since launch, they are now picking up the user generated content as well. It’s a must for those wanting to deepen their Christian faith.

Stats on Social Networks

Statistics on Social Network traffic from TechCrunch The Global Race Among Social Networks Heats Up. Keep an Eye on Hi5, Friendster, and Imeem

It’s becoming a way of life!

The Next Generation of Computer Interfaces

In the news over the last week have been a couple of articles talking about next generation user interfaces with computers. First was a Bill Gates prediction: Gates sees diminished role for keyboards where in an address at Carnagie Mellon, he stated “People will increasingly interact with computers using speech or touch screens rather than keyboards”.

Second have been several articles about Apple filing an 80 page patent on an interface that would replace the traditional keyboard and mouse combo.

We should anticipate the proliferation of gesture computing type interfaces, spurred by the interface of the iPhone which gave the public a taste for interface with a high ease-of-use factor. There are several videos out there that demonstrate gesture computing, but take a look at Jeff Han on TED This gives you a nice view on what’s possible today.

I still wonder about the voice model, even though there have been many voice recognition tools available for sometime. I suspect we’ll eventually get a hybrid of multi-touch, voice and “virtual keyboard”.

All very exciting. I can’t wait to get my first “touch” computer!

SMS Messaging a Winner for Presidential Campaigns

In an article on titled Mobile Advertising Changes Voters’ Attitudes and Behaviors, some astounding results are cited from recent Presidential campaigns on the use of SMS ads to promote their candidate.

The overall impact was considerable, with 28% altering their voting intentions

If you were to get a text message on your phone for a particular candidate, would it:

a. cause you to pay more attention to that candidate?
b. make you more likely to vote for that candidate?
c. turn you off completely?

How would you feel if you got a blast message from a Presidential candidate?

This campaign cycle is displaying some unique uses of mobile technology. Political Consultants will try anything if it gives them an upper hand on their opponents. Expect to see a lot more as we move toward the November elections.


More Presidential Candidate Tech Assessments

Since my last post assessing the stances of different candidates regarding broadband, several other bloggers have made assessments. One I thought was quite clever was from GIZMODO the first on Democratic Candidates and the second for the Republican Candidates

I especially liked the “If [candidate] were a gadget, she’d be” sections.


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