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Twitter Becomes Political Tool

From an article talking about politicians at state and federal levels using Twitter to communicate with their constituents. Twitter becomes political tool.  I like the fact that there are some legislative directories that list those legislators who use Twitter and other forms of social networking. I also like the directories like and TweetCongress


Is this a good way for your elected officials to communicate with you?

Citing: Putting Technology into Politics

Over 55% of adults in the U.S. used the Internet to participate in the 2008 U.S. general elections. 

Says an article from   Putting Technology Into Politics.  

Candidate research, social networks, online debates all played an important role in the last major elections. These strategies engaged the “under 40” crowd and contributed to the shift of political power in the country.

What’s next? Likely online voting applications and the use of technology in elections across the globe.  Very cool stuff and quite interesting to watch and participate in as we move forward.

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