Some Twitter Stats

A new Twitter study by San Antonio Web data analytics firm Pearanalytics. Enjoy the stats below and the article titled Twitter is lean on news, study shows from the Wichita Business Journal

  • 40.5 percent of the updates fell in the “pointless babble” category. An example: “I am eating a sandwich now.”
  • 37.5 percent of the comments were conversational — a back-and-forth discussion on a topic
  • 8.7 percent had pass-along value — tweets that were re-broadcast or re-tweeted
  • 5.8 percent were self-promotional
  • 3.75 percent were spam — the equivalent of junk mail
  • 3.6 percent were news

Based on my own experience the news category is quite a bit higher and the self-promotional is lower.

Your thoughts?


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