Impact of Social Media on Recent Elections

The dust has settled, the results are in and now we’re looking and some of the dynamics behind the scenes of the recent elections. Did the use of social media by candidates make a difference?

Some of this was captured well in an article by The Associated Press, listed on NPR.Com  titled:
In Social Media Election, The GOP Capitalizes

This year, most major candidates had a Facebook page. Election night results went directly to smart phones. And everything — the campaigns, the ads, the voting — was filtered through social media.

Not all campaigns were effective in their use of social media. Some just put out a Facebook page, never updated it and the biggest opportunity lost, didn’t interact with their fans. How can one mobilize a group for a cause or candidate if you don’t engage them???

Once engaged, will the people who won their election continue to use social media to engage the people they represent?  Now, there is the greatest benefit!

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