More Broadband

I’m back to talking about broadband, inspired somewhat by a recent article in the Economist. Broadband: Open up those highways

The lead in to the story starts like this:

IN ERAS past, economic success depended on creating networks that could shift people, merchandise and electric power as efficiently and as widely as possible. Today’s equivalent is broadband: the high-speed internet service that has become as vital a tool for producers and distributors of goods as it is for people plugging into all the social and cultural opportunities offered by the web.

Good lead and premise for the overall discussion. It’s more than about how fast youtube pops up or about how many pictures can be transmitted. It has an economic, social and cultural basis and is important to follow from that standpoint. How competitive can we be when average speeds are 1/20th of the world leaders? Throw in the debate on Net Neutrality and we have a critical and politically explosive environment.

Stay tuned. My hope is to review the current Presidential candidates and their knowledge and stance on a national broadband policy that would propel the United States back into a leadership position in the world in terms of speed, accessibility and affordability of broadband.

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