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A World without Channels

August 10th, 2006 · No Comments

In earlier posts I wrote about the explosion of media choices the consumer has, translating into more control for the consumer over how they use their media. I also wrote about the potential provided by IPTV where fundamentally the delivery method has changed from all channels being delivered at the same time to more of an on-demand system with one video stream delivered at a time. Given this, I’ll make a few predictions regarding what our media will look like in the near future.

Television: No linear channels! All content and programs are on-demand. A new navigation system is in place to allow for easy search and selection of content. Surfing through programs is still possible, but the choices are in the millions not hundreds. Programs and ads are interactive, allowing the consumer to “hop-off” or open another panel to inquire or drill-down to more specific info or to make a purchase. Marketers will have a clear picture on what is being watched and can more wisely allocate their ad dollars to support a highly tuned audience. Marketers can target their audience to a household so that the ads are most relevant to the consumer. Marketers will “buy the consumer” “not the program”. The whole ad-buying game changes.

I’ll address some other media in future posts.


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