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The Next Generation of Computer Interfaces

February 25th, 2008 · No Comments

In the news over the last week have been a couple of articles talking about next generation user interfaces with computers. First was a Bill Gates prediction: Gates sees diminished role for keyboards where in an address at Carnagie Mellon, he stated “People will increasingly interact with computers using speech or touch screens rather than keyboards”.

Second have been several articles about Apple filing an 80 page patent on an interface that would replace the traditional keyboard and mouse combo.

We should anticipate the proliferation of gesture computing type interfaces, spurred by the interface of the iPhone which gave the public a taste for interface with a high ease-of-use factor. There are several videos out there that demonstrate gesture computing, but take a look at Jeff Han on TED This gives you a nice view on what’s possible today.

I still wonder about the voice model, even though there have been many voice recognition tools available for sometime. I suspect we’ll eventually get a hybrid of multi-touch, voice and “virtual keyboard”.

All very exciting. I can’t wait to get my first “touch” computer!

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